A really bad drawing…

Okay so for everyone who is trying to figure out our house by looking at the pictures…  I tried to make a drawing of it.  I sort of copied it off of the blue print so it should be enough for everyone to get the general idea.


So far we are just finishing out the the main living space and the master bedroom and bath.  The other 4 rooms to the left we will work on after.  (That way we can get moved in sooner!)


5 Responses

  1. it is not a BAD drawing. 🙂 Go back to look at my comment under the picture blog. You will laugh! By the way… do people just know to go back and look at the comments page for a respond from the blog owner?

  2. I don’t know, I always do because that is how I have always seen it on other people’s blogs. I guess if you really care you will????

  3. It looks like a nice house, but I don’t see an entry to the bathroom from the master bedroom. You have one bathroom?

    In California the Master Bedroom gets a whole bathroom attached to it for privacy. No one else gets to use it. Then there is a second bath for guests and for the use of the occupants of the other bedrooms.

    I like the layout of the house. When is going to be finished?

  4. We decided to only have one bathroom. Our house is a walk out basement under Blake’s parents house. We decided to build it this way so we could take care of them as they are already in their mid 60’s. But as you can see their is no stairs connecting the 2 houses. We each have about 1800 Sq. Ft. But since we are in the basement we realy had to design it in a way that we could get the most out of the space and plan for future kids. We have a huge walk-in closet in the bath to make up for not having our own bath. Also we have a big sitting area at the end of the bedroom. Oh and when we do have guests there are 2 spare rooms and a bath in my in-laws we can always use.

  5. I like it and I see it now…lol =) Yall do have a bedroom!!!!

    That is what “S” and I are doing with the lake house! We are going to finish our bedroom and the living room first!!! That way we can stay the weekend there and still work on the house!!! It could be lived in now…we just need to get power and septic….the septic is the BIG MONEY deal..that is why we are waiting on our loan…UGH…WAIT WAIT WAIT….

    I can’t wait till we can change the kitchen counters out….they are ugly!

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