Clean out the Pantry Microwave Cake

I just had to post this crazy cake that I made for Valentines Day.  I found the recipe and thought it would be fun.  Blake could not believe we were going to bake a cake in the microwave. 

First you bake this in the Pampered Chef rice cooker.  All you need is your favorite box of cake, the ingredients to make it, and some icing.

Just mix the cake right in the rice cooker.  Then add any thing you would like to empty out of the pantry.  I added chocolate chips, heath bits, and caramel ice-cream topping.  Do not stir them in it just pour them in the middle.  Then empty the can of icing in the middle too.


Next put the lid on it and place it in the microwave.  It only takes 9 minutes to cook.


When it is done dump it upside down on a platter.  The middle should be all oozy.  It should be like a volcano cake.  Just dish out a big scoop and make sure you get lots of the middle stuff.  It is really not pretty but a great quick dessert.  Eat it while it is warm.  Top with ice cream or just eat with a big glass of cold milk. 



3 Responses

  1. so, it was good? It looks yummy- I love sweets so I’d eat just about anything 🙂

  2. Girl…..that sounds CRAZY good and WEIRD all at the same time!!!! lol =)

    I think Mr S will love this and it’s fast and easy clean up!!!! =)

    I’m going to try it!!!! I just showed “S” your pics of the cake…he said, “HUM” ? lol

  3. I bake cakes in the microwave all the time. They rise and everything too… you don’t need to make the batter any thicker, you just need to know the timing for your microwave. We use 7 minutes, no top on the baking dish. Works wonderfully. The cake’s JUST like that of the oven. Try it sometime.

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