So I have decided to try to get back into my photography.  I don’t want to get into doing portraits again because I just don’t enjoy them as much.  I thought I would start by just trying to sell some of the hundreds of pictures that I already have taken.  So I started an Etsy store



These are just a couple of the items I have featured in my store so far.  Everyone please go and check it out!  I could use some feedback!

I guess that many people have been using Etsy for some time now but it is new to me.  I thought I would use this for Works for me Wednesday as well as some shameless self promotion!  Etsy is a great site that anyone can set up and sell their handmade creations.  There are only some small fees but it is cheaper than buying your own site!


3 Responses

  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I see you like flowers.

  2. I also have an Etsy shop (with some of my photography in it, as well as other things). Funny — I also used to do portraits (for about two years), and I just got burnt out on it. I had someone ask me on Monday whether I missed doing it, without hesitation I said, “Nope, not even a little.” LOL

  3. I tried leaving you a comment last night but my computer went dead!!! =( It was tired just like me!!! =)

    I was going to ask you….
    Would you like to take some black and white pictures of local lakes for me??? I want to do one of the bedrooms in our lake house with black and white pictures from lakes all over!!!! It’s just an idea…let me know what you think and what the charges would be!!!! =) I think it’s a cool idea!

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