101 Reasons I Love My Husband

Because yesterday when I got home from work he had the whole house clean.  If you would have seen how bad it was after we came in and threw everything on the floor unpacked you would be amazed too.  I was so tired and it felt so nice to come home to everything so clean.  Also he started doing laundry and scrubbed the bathroom.  He was simply just trying to help out because last week I was so stressed before we left town because everything was such a mess.  I believe that I have the best husband there ever was!  Thanks Babe!

Oh yeah and he said he took my FlyLadyadvice and got completely dressed to his shoes and it really did help keep him moving and getting things done all day!


4 Responses

  1. I know you have a wonderful husband because you treat him like the wonderful husband he is. He appreciates you and wants to show you.

  2. I do apprecaite her greatly, in fact…if it wasn’t for her…well…I would still probably be in prison.

  3. Everyone meet Blake, my husband, the biggest joker there ever was! He thinks he is funny at least.

  4. Hello Erin and Blake.
    Two great big thumbs up for Blake and lots of hoorays!!
    That’s a real husband. And I agree with 4urpets, it shows you must be a great wife too, Erin.

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