I Can’t Wait

This week has felt so crazy!  I have been sick since last week.  I ended up getting bronchitis but am starting to feel better with some antibiotics.  I am so glad to be feeling a little better because we have a big weekend ahead of us.  We are leaving tomorrow morning to go to Ohio!  We are going to have lunch at The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our anniversary.  We are then going to go on to my parents house to relax and hang out.  

A couple of things I am really excited about are that we are going to be ordering our kitchen cabinets.  My Mom has been helping me design the layout and we will order them from the store my Dad manages.    

  This is a sample of the finish and door I want.   

JAMOCHA GRANITE - 7734  This is the counter top I want.

I can’t wait to see all the final things come together this weekend of how everything will look.
The other thing that is really exciting is that my mom is having a small party for us for our anniversary.  We never did anything last year when we got married (we just went to the pastor).  So this will be like a little reception.  Also I will get to see all the kids and everyone else.  I miss my family so much!

So since we will be away I will not be blogging.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back Monday!


6 Responses

  1. I did my tag about meme!!! lol =) It was FUN thanks! You’ll have to go check it out!

    Have a FUN and SAFE trip to Ohio! What part of Ohio are you from??? What Cheesecake Factory are you going to?? We went to one while we were in Ohio! It was at this really cool outside mall in Columbus!!! We waited forever to get in that place…for real…like 2 hours!!!

    I love your cabinets and counter top!!! I’ve been looking fo rcounter tops too for the lake house!!! They cabinets are pretty new!!! Since we had the loan problems all that is on hold!!!

  2. -Jeannie, I am from the Dayton area. The Cheescake Factory there was built just after I moved. It is supposed to be like the mall you went to in Columbus. I have been there, it is nice! We are going to go early for lunch so we won’t have such a wait! I hope everything works out for the lake house, it sounds like fun!

  3. I love COLOR…I like to change it up!!!!
    Thank you for noticing!!!

  4. Have a great and wonderful weekend. Enjoy celebrating your anniversary. We had a huge wedding party (well actually 3) but didn’t do a lot to celebrate. Also enjoy being with you mom. I miss mine a lot. I get to go see her in a couple of months though and can’t wait. I’ll miss your comments but have fun!

  5. Have a great weekend. The mutts will miss you on Friday since we don’t blog on the weekends. and


  6. I left you a little something on my blog!!!! =)

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