My Baby Turns 1

It seems like she should still be just a tiny puppy.  Chloe turns 1 year old today.  Some days I am glad she is growing up other days I miss her sweet little puppy face.  I know Blake is glad she is growing up because she keeps chewing on the trim in the hallway.  I will be glad when it turns warm and we can spend more time outside with her.  (By the way for anyone wondering, the water issue is getting much better!) 

birthday.jpg  Happy Birthday Chloe!


4 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday! I want a puppy so bad, but I don’t think it’s really fair to keep it in our small apartment and not ever be home. Maybe in a couple of years when I can just stay at home and play with it. She’s really cute by the way.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE! You look beautiful. You don’t seem to mind that hat at all. Your picture looks like it was done professionally. Who took it, it’s beautiful. Worthy of framing. 🙂

  3. Kathryn- LOL! She doesn’t mind the hat because she never had to wear it. I put the hat on her in Photoshop as well as the background. I actually am a professional photographer. So thank you for the compliment!

  4. I LOVE THIS PIC!!!! WOW…you are REALLY good!!!! =)
    I added you to my blog fav list! I will be back!!!! =) I popped in from the give-away! Just in case you are wondering!!!!

    I was looking at your other pics…where is the old man cave? That is a GREAT pic!!!!!

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