Game Night


SimplyFun is offering two of their top games in a “Blah Buster value pack” to beat the winter blues!  This offer is only available until Jan 31st.
Eye to Eye and Sneaks together for $24.50 – that’s 57% off the regular price!  Eye to Eye alone is $40 regularly, and it’s one of our favorites!  There is also no limit, so you could order one set for yourself and have one handy for gift giving.
My aunt sells these so I thought I would post this to help her out.  If anyone is interested visit her site before Friday as that will be the last party she can put them on.  These would make a great Frugal Family night.

4 Responses

  1. I’ve never even heard of these games but love getting new game ideas. What are these?

  2. SimplyFun was new to me until my Aunt Kay started selling them. She brought them to Thanksgiving and everyone loved them. They have games for all ages. One I had heard of before (not knowing it was SimplyFun) is Cahoots. Cheak out the link! You can view all the games in detail there.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m always looking for new family games for family fun night and Simply Fun has exactly the kind of stuff my kids like.

  4. Hi, I’m Erin’s wacky Aunt Kay/Kate. You can check out the website (, but the beautiful thing about SimplyFun is that you can have a GAME PARTY where I bring all the fun, you invite friends & family, and you laugh together and get to experience the games first hand. It’s SO much better than buying a box in a store and not knowing if anyone will like it. If you’re in the KY, OH, IN area, e-mail me through the website and I can bring the FUN to YOU! Thanks for looking!

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