I Love Lowe’s

So tonight we were out just looking around at things at Lowe’s.  We were just looking at trim for the house.  We are so excited because as long as all the stars line up this week we will get sheet rock on all the walls.  For those of you who don’t know, we started building our house last year.  As you can imagine it feels like we will never get it done.  So I am getting more and more excited as things are taking place! 

Back to my story… We were shopping around when a sales associate in the curtain area said they were marking down all of the rods laying on the floor.  We are not ready for curtain rods but figured if the sale was good enough we could look.  This is what I found!

   rod1.jpg rod2.jpg

We needed 4.  They had exactly 4 in the color/finish we needed.  They match our light fixtures really well.  We bought them up and saved 88 dollars!  They were 50% off the 26.23!  I love Lowe’s! 


3 Responses

  1. What a great find!
    That sorta stuff just makes my week!

    Thanks for the encouraging words 🙂

  2. Those are great curtain rods. They are similar to mine. I had a house built about four years ago in Arizona (a rental). It took 18 months. I had to extend the construction loan twice. What a mess. And you know during winter, everything stops.

  3. Well my husband is our builder. He had 3 others going at the same time as ours. Now ours is the only one! We acctually broke ground for it 2 years ago but spent 1 year building the second floor (his parents part). Now we are working on our part! But with curtain rods we are one step closer!!!

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