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I have been trying to sell my car for so long.  We bought a new car last summer and now I need to get rid of my old car.  I have it listed on Auto Trader.  I have never used them but I felt like that was the best route to take.  No one has called about it.  It is great on gas and has low mileage.  It has never had any troubles at all and it looks almost brand new! 

Please can anyone help me figure a good way to get my car sold!?  Does my ad look alright?  How would you feel about the price if you were interested in it?  Any tips, suggestions, or anything would be great.  Or maybe you know someone who would like to buy it!

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  1. Erin, I think the reason it is not selling is because you have it advertised with a thousand other cars and the competition is stiff. Your ad was probably not even seen.

    I think the best way to sell your car is to put a For Sale sign on it and park it in the street in front of yor house. We sold my daughters old (and I mean old) car that way. It was gone in about three days.

    Also, you have to price it right. Do you know what those cars are selling for?

  2. In front of the house is probably good if you have a lot of traffic on your street. If not, maybe you could get some For Sale signs with arrows and put them on busier streets leading to yours. Maybe laminate a large photo of the car and attach it to the sign.

    Some friends of ours sold a couple of cars on eBay. We tried that once, but ours didn’t sell. We ended up donating it. If you’re an experienced eBay-er, though, it might be worth a shot.

  3. We have tried parking it…everywhere! We put it at Walmart for a month in October. Since then it sits in front of our old house for sale. It is priced right. I have checked Blue Book Value and talked to the bank. I also have it marked as “Or Best Offer”. I am thinking of driving it to Ohio and sitting it in front of my parents house. Saturn’s are driven there more than here. Everyone here drives big old farm trucks. I am at my wits end with this thing!

    I appreciate your advice very much though!

  4. You could also try Ebay or Craigslist. If all else fails, consider donating it to charity for a tax deduction.

  5. I agree with the suggestion. A lot of people check out that site. And best of all, it’s free to post on it. Best of luck!

  6. The problem is also quite possibly the price of the car. What year? Make? Model? Auto? Mileage? You need to put as much positive spin on the car because it is very common and not highly sought after. It looks like a saturn. PRICE it LOW and it will sell. Sell it for $1000 less than you thought it should be priced at and you MAY be getting closer to what it’s really worth. Put it in Ohio but, put the price (if it’s the lowest on the web, it will sell. If it’s medium…it MAY get looked at..If it’s above market…you’ll get nowwhere. Price is the key.

  7. Two big things come to mind:

    1. Price it lower than you think it is worth. Sadly no one else has your emotional attachment to the car or investment you made in the car. (I’ve sold two cars now and bought five I think)

    2. List it in the newspaper of the university or college in your area, the ads are usually really cheap and there are less ads for people to filter through than would be in auto trader. Also, list on in your area. We’ve sold tons of things on this site.

    And lastly, make sure it has a sign on it and is parked on a busy road where people can see it (and is legal and won’t get you ticketed).

    Oh, and make sure you list everything: make, model, year, condition, mileage, features in your ads. Yes it costs more but it lets readers know more so they can think about it more.

    It sounds like you really are doing every thing you can so follow the suggestions of the other comments and you’ll hopefully have a sold car off your hands!

  8. No matter what, trade that sucker in when you get a new vehicle. It’s too late in your case to do that, but even if you take a loss on the old car it’s better than having to deal with the hassle of selling it…or not, which is usually the case. Leaving it at Wal-Mart does not seem wise, I mean if it gets totaled in the parking lot it would be covered by your insurance of course but look at the trouble it would cause if it would get scratched, door dinged, vandalized. Personally as a consumer I would not want a car that has been in a public parking lot for a month. Of course, you won’t tell your buyer that.

  9. Thanks everyone for the great advice! I posted my car on CraigsList and I am hoping that with it being tax return season it will sell!

  10. […] I received a call tonight from my dad.  He told me that the lady who has been looking at my car called and said she was coming to get it Saturday!  I am so excited!  I have been having such a […]

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