New Light Fixtures

Well things are coming along!  We finally went and purchased our light fixtures for the house.  It feels so good to be making progress!  I can’t wait to start seeing all of our ideas come together.  It is harder than I thought to try to decorate a house.  Making sure that all the fixtures, tile, carpet, paint colors, etc. match is harder than I could have ever imagined.  Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist about it all.  I am lucky that Blake has the same taste in everything as I do!  It has been lots of fun doing it with him!

Here are some of the lights we picked out.  We are going with an old Italian look.
track.jpg  This will go over the table behind the couch.
fan.jpg  This will go in the entry way and in our bedroom.
dinning-room.jpg    This one will go over the dinning room table.
pillar.jpg  This is my favorite.  I love how it looks so much like a real candle!  There will be one on each side of the living room and also on each side of my sitting room in my bedroom.

The biggest thing now is I have to decide my bedroom colors because we will be painting the first of February!  Please ideas!  I need ideas if you have any!


One Response

  1. I love your light fixtures. You have the same taste and I do. I just did some remodeling on my house. I had new lighting installed througout the house. As a matter of fact, that ceiling fan looks familiar! I had one installed that looks just like that one. I thought we had something in common! 🙂

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