Getting Greener

This year I would like to not only save money but I would like to save energy.  I decided the best place to start was to just start making a list of things I can do.  So I thought I would share it with everyone!  I would love if anyone has any other useful tips to help have a greener year!

Things We Already Do

-Installed a tankless water heater!  Our plumber wasn’t familiar with them so we do have some tweaking to do but other than that we love them!
-Wash clothes in cold water.  This also keeps colors bright, keeps clothes looking newer, and prevents shrinking.  
-We bought good windows and are insulating our house really good.  (We are in the process of building right now.)  

Things We Want to Do:

-Either build or buy a compost bin.  I really like the stationary tumbler that has the days of the week on it to help remember to turn it over!  We have lots of clay in our soil so we really can use some nice compost to help loosen it.
-Put up a clothes line inside and out to dry most of our clothes.
-We will probably go ahead and install compact fluorescents in all of our fixtures when we get them up since we will have to use them in a few years anyway.  I was just glad that I found at Wal Mart all the odd sizes to fit the fixtures we had picked out to buy and not just the twisty looking ones.
-We will buy all Energy Star appliances when we start buying them.
-We want to get solar lights to use in various places outside the house.

I am sure I will come up with many more things I would like to do as well but for now I think I have a good list and a good start!  What are you doing this year to be greener?

Check out more money saving ideas at:


4 Responses

  1. I appreciate the things you are doing and want to do. We have changed several things at our house and are continuing to learn more about going green!

  2. I love that you are combining frugality with an eco-friendly, natural lifestyle. I am on the same quest around our home too and I find that so many ways to save money are actually also really great for the planet too!

  3. “Our plumber wasn’t familiar with them so we do have some tweaking to do…”

    Same here, I’ve put up a web page to help others have a smoother experience:

  4. I enjoyed your post. We try to live frugally and green as well. Much of the time they go hand in hand. I made an easy compost bin out of old pallets. I am impressed with how well it works. One thing I am really trying to work on extra this year is buying a lot less. I am trying to just use what I have. I want to cut down on the amount of things that are thrown away also cutting down on the energy the is used to make, transport and package new things. I enjoy making new things from old things and I hope to do more of that this year.

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