2007 Year in Review

Wow, where did the year go?  It was a busy busy year for me!  Let me just recap some of the events (in order by date):

1.  I married the most amazing man I have ever met!
2.  Blake got me our crazy puppy, Chloe!
3.  We moved into the new house.  Into my in-laws guest rooms that is; until we finish our house!
4.  I quit working at Friedman’s Jeweler’s to take my job at Boneal.  (a 9-5; m-f job)
5.  We bought our first “family car”!  Our first step to planning for kids.
6.  Blake finished and sold his last 2 houses and quit the building business.
7.  Blake worked a few seasonal jobs while trying to find a stable job; then Brinks called.  He got trained and licensed to carry a weapon!
8.  We decided to sell my car and Blake bought his Jeep.
9.  We found a church we love and joined it!

It was a great year!  We got to learn so much about each other and grow as newlyweds.  We both really look forward to starting our family in the next year or two.  We both grew together (and individually) as Christians.  I can’t wait to see how God will use us in our new church this year.  I am learning to be a good home maker.  I have lots more to learn about getting things organized and saving us money where I can.  We started our house and will finish it this year.  I really look forward to the next few months as we will have lots of time together while we work on things like tile, trim, and all the other pretty things.  We work well together (when I let him be the boss).  We have set goals to eat healthy; basically just change little habits to make for long term health!  Another goal is to function on one income.  My personal goals are to start memorizing scripture, loss weight (for the right reasons), get back into my photography, and learn how to crochet (I  tried teaching myself but I need some tips now).

Wow sounds like 2008 will be packed full of exciting things too.  I will be right here all year to tell all of you how it is all coming along!    


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  1. You got a lot accomplished last year. I would love to hear what you have accomplised this year (at the end of this year).

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