Setting Captives Free

WfmwsmallAs the New Year is here there is one thing that is on just about every women’s mind: WEIGHT LOSS!  Everyone gets gym memberships, starts diets, and makes resolutions to loose the weight.  This is all fine and hopefully those of you who do have this on your list will actually get in shape.  I would like to let everyone out there know about a great way to achieve these goals in a biblical manner! 

First think about the problem.  “Why are you overweight to begin with?”  People eat for different reasons: boredom, entertainment, depression, enjoyment…  The list of reasons people use go on and on.  BUT it really all comes down to one thing and that is to please yourself.  So many people today (myself including) struggle with what we call “overeating”.  The real term that everyone is so scared to use is gluttony.  And yes as we all know it is a sin.  If we look overeating in the face and treat it as the problem that it really is we will do far better in reaching our goals.  We will never satisfy the desires of our heart that cause us to overeat.  The human  heart craves fullness and satisfaction.  We try to fulfill these by stuffing ourselves with good tasting food.  Only God can fulfill these desires! 

Second think about your reasons for wanting to loose the weight.  Most dieters have their own glory as the motive for losing weight; they want to slim down in order to fit in that outfit, to look good at their class reunion, so people will comment on how good they look, or maybe just to be healthy and/or feel better about themselves. This, in reality, is self-worship, which should have no place in the heart of the Christian who professes to worship God.  So as you are trying to decide how to loose the weight make sure you get your priorities in line.  We need to avoid further sin and self worship while we loose the weight.  Do so not for your own glory BUT to glorify God!  Loose the weight so that you can break the sin of gluttony that got you overweight to begin with.   Think about that person you know or even yourself who has tried every diet there is and never gets the weight off.  Why do you think they are not successful?  It is because they are still putting themselves first.  All these fad diets are just reinforcing the problem of the sinful nature.  They all encourage you to do it for yourself, to make you feel better about who you are.  These motives are wrong!  It will not last if it for your own glory!  If we do it for Christ we will be successful.   

Some more thought provoking things on this subject can be found on this blog.   My sister sent me this link a few months ago.  I felt like this hit the nail on the head!  

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31
I think that this verse just sums it all up too.  If we are not glorifying God with what we do, even our eating, it is a sin!  Food is a gift he has given us and by overeating we are using it in a sinful way.  Learn how to see food for what it is.  With Christmas just behind us think about this.  When Christ was born he was immediately placed in a manger.  What is a manger?  It is a feeding trough for animals.  He came to earth to be fed upon.  Daily feeding our souls on Christ is essential to finding freedom from overeating!
Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Deut. 8:3      

Pray that God will convict you in your sin of overeating.  Also pray that He will help you change your habits so that you can be free from the chains of sin and learn to enjoy Christ and “feed” on Him!  Check out Setting Captives Free.  They have a free 60 day on-line course that you can do.  This is a biblical approach to changing your habits.  They also provide you with a mentor to help encourage you each day and pray for you.  The course is called The Lord’s Table.  You are given daily bible studies and an eating schedule to get you through the 60 days.

This is what Works for me this Wednesday, I am sure it will work for you too!

*an added note about The Lord’s Table (TLT).  There is no calorie counting or keeping up with points.  Also there is no list of foods that are prohibited.  All of these types of diets just keep your mind focused on the food.  Your focus never leaves the problem area.  Also these types of diets become legalism which is also a sin.  They try to get you to take control so you can loose the weight.  In reality we need to give God control over the situation!  TLT does not give you foods you can not eat.  It does however give you a eating routine that helps you to not overeat.  It reduces your portions.  You will naturally start eating healthy foods to please God.  TLT also incorporates fasting into it so that you can learn to feast on God and not on the food!   



3 Responses

  1. Thanks for this encouragement. I need it! I’ve struggled with wanting to lose weight for selfish reasons before. I’ve also shunned dieting because of the Hollywood anorexic-look. Insted of these two wrong ideas I need to be a good steward with my health. Let’s eat (small portions) to the glory of God in 2008!

  2. I have never heard of this approach to weight loss. Years ago, my mom completed the ‘First Place’ program @ our church and had alot of sucess w/ it. This sounds alot like that program, with some added biblical basis.
    Thanks for sharing!

    So, do you coupon too? (I saw your post on my blog)

  3. […] our bad eating habits.  Please check out their website to learn about it.  Also I wrote about it here.  I am going to start the study next Monday so that everyone can be prepared.  I know there are a […]

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