Out of the Cage

We have recently decided to let Chloe have a little bit of free roam while we are away.  We took down her cage and made her a place in the hallway.  Every door gets shut so she just has a 10×3 or so space.  She seems to like it for the most part.  She really likes it when daddy leaves the bathroom door open and the toilet seat up!  We are having to get adjusted to this as well.  It is easy to forget to close a door to one of the rooms.  All in all we are all doing a really good job.  

We were hoping this would allow her to get more energy out during the day playing with toys and chewing on her bones.  It has maybe just a little but at the end of the week she was still nuts.  It has rained all week so she has had to stay inside all week.  This leaves for one crazy dog as she really needs an hour a day of exercise.  So we decided to take her with us while we tried to do some Christmas shopping on Saturday.  She really enjoys car rides and they seem to help her get some of the energy out.  That’s when it all began…

We were trying to get to Lexington early so we could get some doughnuts from this little bakery that Blake loves.  He had his heart set on them all week!  Chloe must have decided that he really didn’t need any because she was determined to keep us busy all morning.  She would get into the bathroom when we weren’t looking, she would try to drink the water from the Christmas tree, she just kept getting into things!  I was just about ready; all I had to do was get Chloe’s blanket and some toys together for the ride.  Blake asked me were Chloe was at and I told him that she was in the sun room.  (No harm there, so I thought.)   She then ran into the kitchen and started drinking some water that was on the counter top.  Blake had just about had it with her so he tried putting her back in the hall and giving her a swat on the rear to let her know she was not allowed to get things off the counter.  

The next thing I now he is showing me his hand that has some black stuff on it resembling ink.  He asked me what it was as he smelled it.  He quickly discovered it was poop.  Or at least it smelled like it.  Sure enough it was!  The cat apparently was sick and had diarrhea on the floor in the sun room.  Chloe decided that she liked it and rolled in it.  That’s right, from head to tail on one side she was covered in it.  I couldn’t just leave her in the hall to deal with it after we returned because there is brand new carpet in there.  I also couldn’t take her with us like that for obvious reasons.  So….

….I got to give her a bath.  Oh it smelled so bad!  She had it up inside her ear and everything.  How could she be so dumb???  (and so smart at the same time)  Of course she never new how upset we were because she loves getting in the bath.  It is just a giant water dish to her.  I finally managed to get her clean and decided regardless we should still take her because we really needed to get some of that energy out.  So we made it to the bakery with 30 minutes to closing.  Blake is finally cheering up at the thought of these doughnuts.  Then we find out “cash only”.  We had to run across town to the bank, get some cash, and head back.  The place was packed.  It was about 10 minutes till closing and everyone and their brother was there.  Blake ran in and managed to come out with the last of the doughnuts they had (other than a pumpkin one no one seemed to want).  The end result…

…they were really good!  And Chloe had fun and got some of her energy out!  We ended up getting most of our shopping done and had a really great weekend!   


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