Christmas Shopping

I have not even started my shopping.  Well let me take that back, I have one gift done so far.  I did however start thinking about what to get Blake.  I am horrible at keeping secrets and we are shopping together so there will be hardly any surprises as far as gifts go.  I have decided for sure to give Blake Tony Dungy’s new book.  I heard him the past 2 days on Focus on the Family and it sounds like a great book!  Any of you who have a sports fan should check it out.  I know that Blake really wants this. 

I am not sure what else to get him.  He asked me what I wanted and all I could think of were things for the house.  I have almost nothing as far as anything goes in the house since I never had a bridal shower.  We get by right now just using things of my mother-in-laws.  It would be great to start getting my own things!  It seems funny though that those are the things I want because usually girls freak if their husband gets them small appliances.

As for Chloe, she will get a few things.  I really need to order this jacket for her.  She absolutely will not go outside if it is raining.  We have fought all week with this because it has rained everyday.  I am hoping the jacket will help her stay warm and actually go out they way she is supposed to.

Companion Road® Quilted Reflective Coat   In baby blue of course!

I noticed they are running out of blue in the larger sizes so I am crossing my fingers on this one.  I really am not the dress your dog up kind of person but I think she needs a coat.  She freaks out when it gets cold.  I hate to see how she will be in the snow when we go to Ohio.  Some hunting dog our big baby is!

So now I just have to think of more gift ideas for Blake.  Time is running out.  I think I will get him some more cologne because he ran out and maybe I will look at a new Bible for him.  He wants a watch too.  Hmmm maybe this won’t be so hard after all.

How are you all doing on your shopping?


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