Our Not So Good Present

Oh ah doesn’t it look like so much fun!!!  This is what we decided
to get for Christmas.  I have been so excited about it.  I can’t use it yet because I am having some back problems but that should be better soon.  Then I am ready to jump on this thing and loose that weight! 

Oh but wait… it doesn’t work!  “What?” you say.  How could that be?  We just bought it 1 week ago.  It has only been used a few times!  Oh but yes it is broken.  The pedals are stuck, immovable, motionless, stationary, immobile, frozen, motionless… I think you get the picture!  Blake was in the middle of using it when it broke.  We can’t figure out what has happened. 

I am now waiting on a reply from customer support to see about getting it fixed.  Till then it is a big yard room ornament.  Merry Christmas to us!


2 Responses

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