Short But Sweet

We had a great trip to Ohio.  It was really short but long over due!  We have not seen my family since early August for my sisters wedding.  Every time we make a trip up we spend the whole time running around to whatever event is going on.  This time it was really slow paced.  We really enjoyed it.  We left Wednesday evening so we could get settled and get some sleep.  The drive was rainy and we were tired.  Chloe was wonderful.  She just curled up on the back seat and slept.  We got there around 10:30.  The next morning we went to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving diner.  I think there was about 34 people there.  We had a great time catching up with everyone and just hanging out.  Diner was so yummy!  My aunt MariAnn nicely had some events planned to keep everyone entertained all day.  We had a Speed (a card game requiring you to lay your cards down quickly) tournament,  Kay brought lots of games (check them out on her site!), we played some Apples to Apples, and we also had the family auction.  Apparently Chloe became the entertainment for most of the kids.  They hung out with her most of the day.

 cousins.jpg We actually was not too sure how she would do but we chanced taking her anyways.  We even chanced not taking her crate.  She really always behaves really well, but she does have a tendency to get so excited that she jumps too much.  We took her outside and let her run around with the kids, they loved that.  Blake offered 5 dollars to any of them who could catch her.  Of course he got to keep his money. 

We stayed there until around 10 or so that night.  The drive back to my parents was bad because it was snowing pretty heavily.  Luckily it was pretty warm the days before or it would have gotten really icy. 

The next day we had to pack up and leave.  Before we headed out we had lunch with 2 of my sisters and their families.  We went to Ranchers which is like Arby’s but better tasting.  Blake got to experience their nice 70’s decor while we enjoyed the last bit of time with everyone.  After lunch we packed up to head out.  (We had enough room in the car to bring all my scrapbooking stuff home this trip!)   Of course Blake decided that we couldn’t leave Ohio without getting some ice cream.  (For some reason we can only find soft serve here in Kentucky so we always have to get some good ol’ hand dipped when we are there.)  I decided we should head to Young’s Dairy!  This is one of my favorite places in Ohio!  It was of course really busy.  The cold weather never stops anyone from getting ice cream there!  After that we headed on home.  The drive was really nice.

 Now I am still trying to get everything unpacked and get the laundry done.  Maybe it will get done by the time we go back for Christmas! 

Here are a few pictures I snapped of my nieces.  I have some more to add tonight too.




4 Responses

  1. Had a good time with you. Great pictures!

  2. too cute

  3. […] Short But Sweet – This is about our long overdue trip to Ohio to see my family at Thanksgiving.  It was really […]

  4. Erin, you had a great family Thanksgiving. I loved the idea of playing games. I am going to check out Kay’s site for games. I would like to know more about the family auction. It sounds like a lot of fun.

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