How Green is Your Christmas Tree?


It is now the beloved time of the year to put up your Christmas tree.  Many of you may have done so last week.  We are getting ours this weekend.  We will be going to a local farm and picking one out.  Some reason we have decided to get a real tree are obvious… we just love the look and the smell.  Another reason we are buying a real tree is because of its “green” factor.  You may think that cutting down all these trees is bad for the environment but your local farms plant 1 tree for everyoneWfmwsmallWfmwsmall they cut down.  The plastic used to produce an artificial tree just is not good for the environment.  Not to mention reports say they have some lead in the plastic used.  But don’t just pitch you cut tree in the trash.  These take up lots of room in a landfill that just isn’t necessary.  Treehugger has some good ways to recycle your cut tree after the season.  I would really like to mulch ours to put in the flower beds for the rest of the winter.  My plants really could use it!  Now I will say that I think the best thing to do is get one from a local farm.  I don’t get excited about the ones in shopping centers that have been trucked around and are drying out as we speak.  Get one from a farm so you know what was or was not put on the tree in the process of growing it.  Also if you don’t like to have a tree up for long and the weather conditions are right for it, buy one that you can plant in your yard!  Just remember that it will get rather big so make sure you have the space for it.  What are you doing this holiday?  And even more fun how will you decorate it? 


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  1. Thanks for the treehugger link – we also love to get a real tree and pick it out ourselves. I wouldn’t miss having that smell in the house all month for anything.

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