History Brought to Light

I was listening to Focus on the Familyyesterday on my way to work.  (How convenient that it comes on when I leave the house and ends right as I get to work!)  I thought the broadcast was really good.  They were speaking with Congressman Todd Akin about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  It was so nice to hear someone in Congress who was willing to take a stand for Christianity and talk about how the founders of our country let God lead the way.  Check out this site to read a short article about the truth behind Thanksgiving.  

My favorite thing that Congressman Akin said was when he was asked, “if he was encouraged or discouraged about were we are as nation”.  He replied by telling a story about Hudson Taylorwho was a missionary to China.  Apparently one day the cook at the orphanage came to him and said they had just opened the last of the rice.  She said what a bad day this is.  He replied to her that it was indeed a good day because he believed God would be answering their prayers that day.  Later that day a bag of rice was delivered to them from England.  Akin said, “We are in a dark time as a nation right now but sometimes the very brightest days come after the very darkest ones.”  On that note I would just ask that everyone please pray for our country in these days!


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