Making Family Traditions

The holidays are quickly approaching and I am getting very excited!  Last year work kept us from going to Ohio to be with my family.  This year I have a job that will let me travel home more often.  I love Christmas in Ohio!  The weather helps it feel so much more festive!  But mostly I just love spending that time with my family.  A few years back we made a new tradition at my parents house.  On Christmas Eve all my siblings, their spouses and kids all gather at my parents house.  Instead of cooking a big meal we enjoy personal pizzas!  It is very convenient and fun for everyone.  We usually go to the church for the Christmas Eve service so cooking is just time consuming!  Everyone brings a different topping and mom makes dough in the bread machine.  Everyone has fun and enjoys this!  This actually started because we planned to order pizza one year and found out the hard way that they were not open.  Homemade taste so much better anyways!

Another thing we do which helps us all save money is we do a gift exchange.  There are about 17 of us just within my immediate family (my parents, siblings, spouses and children).  This could get expensive fast so we just set a price limit and everyone takes one name.  It makes it so much easier and it is still very fun!   

This is my favorite tradition we have.  I can’t wait to make my own family traditions when we have kids too!  Please share what traditions work for your family!  

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  1. We’ve been following a tradition from my husband’s family since my first child was born: on Christmas Eve we make fondue. It doesn’t seem very Christmasy, but it’s a fun tradition, and very easy to make and snack on throughout the evening as we watch movies and rush to wrap last minute presents.

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