From Movie Channels to Netfilx

This frugal tip may not be for everyone but it was a good solution for our family.  We really don’t like to watch much of anything that is on TV these days so we watch lots of movies.  When we first signed up for our Direct TV we decided to try getting some of the movie channels for 13 dollars a month.  We were really unhappy with the movies they never really had enough selection to justify the price. 

We just live far enough away from the movie rental place that a few a month after gas would cost way too much.  So we recently decided to try out Netflix.  It is very convenient and they have lots of selection to choose from.  They have plans starting at less than 5 dollars a month and you can even watch some online instantly.  We watch more movies in the winter than other times of the year so we plan to put our membership on hold when we don’t want it.  We have had a lot of fun already watching lots of movies from our childhoods!  


2 Responses

  1. It is a good idea, I have never used them, but thought about it.

  2. Great tip! I need to look into it. Thanks!

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