Organizing Containers

WfmwheaderThis is my first participation in WFMW.  I have long been reading Shannon’s site every week and all the great ideas people have.  I decided to share one that is working for me!

Lock and Lock organizing containers!  We currently use them for lunches and they have been great.  They really never leak.  Here is a list of their features:Airtight Food Storage Container Set - 17 Piece Lock & Lock

– high grade plastic

– 100% air and water tight

– silicone sealing ring for super strong seal

– 4 easy snap latches lock in freshness

– stackable

I just love them!  I have used them to organize under the sink in the bathroom, we use them for leftovers and Blake takes them in his lunch.  When we get our house done I will use them to organize the fridge, the pantry, scrap book stuff, you name it!  They are not the cheapest but they hold up really well and I also find people are not as careless with them (they are always dish and lid in the cabinet). 

I found some good deals on

What works for you?                                                                                                                                                                              




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