they gave him a gun

As most of you know Blake started a new job a few weeks ago.  I am really proud of him!  He had to go through lots of background checks, tests, and training.  The result of it all…

gun1.jpg  (not loaded)

…they gave him a gun.  For some reason we find humor in this.  He has been interested in law enforcement for a long time now, and he would run off to the military if I would only let him, but for anyone who knows his very silly goofy side you will see the humor in it too. 

He really did great in his training.  All guys in his training had been in the military and he did great side by side with them.  (2 tenths of a second slower than the fastest guy on one of the shooting tests to be exact)  Not bad for someone who has hardly ever shot a gun.  Maybe this is more scary than funny…that he has such a natural ability to take someone down with a gun. 


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