Natural Bridge

This weekend we decided to do a bit more hiking before it gets much colder.  The leaves are about the peak season finally and we thought we would try to see some of them.  So off we went to Natural Bridge.  It was my first time there and Blake’s second.  He hasn’t been since he was really young.  It is close to home we just have never taken the time to go.

Natural Bridge State Park - Kentucky's Natural Bridge  This shot is one I just grabbed off the net so you could get a better look at what we were on top of.  It is very high up!  It is 78 feet long and 65 feet high.  Elevation is 1500 above sea level.  Which is about 500 feet above the parking lot.  It was a climb! 

fire.jpg   This sign was located just before you go up the trail.  It seems funny but actually forest fires were really bad here this summer and a few people I worked with had them beating down their back doors.  That was certainly not something we heard of in Ohio!

fat-man-squeeze.jpg  Here is Blake in the Fat Man’s Squeeze.  It actually got so narrow you had to turn sideways.  Not recommended for anyone claustrophobic!

underbridge.jpg  This is the view from under the bridge.  Many people only hike to this point because the are too scared to go on top of the bridge.  Would you go Dad???

me.jpg  This is me on top of the bridge.  When Blake was trying to take this picture I stepped back and their was a dip in the rock.  I almost feel backwards but I am still here, in one piece!

bridge2.jpg  This is a nice veiw looking out over the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Appalachian Mountains.   


2 Responses

  1. Cool pics, Erin! We missed you guys this weekend. Hopefully we’ll get to see you around Thanksgiving.

    Hey, someone linked to this blog and I thought you’d enjoy it. He’s a Christian and has a photography business (and takes really good shots). Maybe this will give you some inspiration!


  2. Thanks Jeremiah! We missed you guys too! We were hoping to get up there before Thanksgiving but I think now that we have had to push the trip back a few times we will just wait and come up Thanksgiving! We can’t wait!!

    Thanks for the link I will check it out for sure!

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