Blake’s New Toy

So a few weeks ago we had to buy a vehicle for Blake to drive.  We are trying to sell my car so we only have one car payment.  (all part of our plans to be debt free)  We weighed our options and had a horrible time finding anything in our price range that would actually get him safely down the road to Lexington.  Blake is not a car guy so the idea of fixing something up was out.  We were also hoping to find something he could enjoy too.  Something he could “bang around in” as he puts it. 

So after spending countless hours searching the web and finding that great deal only to call and find out time after time again that it had already sold and they thought they had removed the ad…


…we found this.  Blake loves it.  He thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread!  I like it too but not to ride in every day.  He does though and that is all that matters.  It currently has a hole in the muffler which the dealer is fixing at no cost so it is loud.  Benefit:  I can hear him come down the road when he is coming home.  It doesn’t run too bad at all really, he drove it safely to Cincy for his trip!  Downside:  It is a manual transmission and I have yet to learn how to drive it.  We tried, I failed! 


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