We finally have more plants!

Our poor empty flower beds are finally being filled up.  We started building the wall around the beds back in the early spring.  We finally finished and with the help of my friend; Tamme at Kentucky Rain Greenhouse, we got tons of beautiful mature plants!  They don’t look like much now because we had to trim most of them back to help them in the replanting.  I can’t wait until next spring to see how they will all look.  Right now the extent of our color are a few mums.  Here is a list of what all we planted now:

Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Azalea, 2 Spireas, 6 Irises, a Yukka, some Zebra Grass, 3 Phlox, a Rhododendron, a Pussy Willow Bush, Variegated Kerria, and some Liriope.




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