Am I Losing It?

My creative eye that is!  I don’t really feel like I am losing it I just haven’t gotten behind the camera much since I have moved here.  I do play with it around the house and with the dog but it is just not the same.  I feel like I am stuck!  I find myself wondering lately if I still have what it takes.  I love photography and I miss it so much!  I have been looking at other photographers sites trying to inspire myself.  I love my job but I really miss having a job that gives me room to do something creative and artsy.  The extent of it now is usually making name badges.  I will be doing a photo-shoot of Jerry and his girlfriend Lauren soon and I am so excited!

The leaves are finally starting to change here this week.  Fall in Kentucky is so pretty!  Last year Blake and I took a fall drive around some of the horse farms.  It was so pretty.  I would really like to get out and take some pictures this year! 

leaf.jpg   Here was one of the only fall pictures I got last year. 

I sit here looking out my office window just itching for the weekend to be here because it is a beautiful day.  And not to mention my hubby comes home from his week long trip to Cincy.  I miss him!  It has been a long and rainy week! 

I am looking to start something…some sort of project to unleash my artsy fartsy-ness that is bursting to get out of me.  I guess Jerry and Lauren get to be my guinea pigs!  I can’t wait!   


2 Responses

  1. artsy fartsy-ness! That’s funny. Cool picture.

  2. take some pretty fall pictures of Ky so we can see what it looks like where you are.

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