I don’t know if this is more embarrassing or funny?

Well Blake is out of town so I will take advantage of it and tell a story on him. 

One day last week we woke up and Blake was talking about how he had a weird taste in his mouth.  He mentioned that it tasted like the dog.  (He knows quite well how she tastes because she gives him kisses every chance she gets.)  We laughed he brushed his teeth and we went about our day.

Later we are eating these peanut butter bon bons.  Chloe was getting right in my face over the smell of them.  It was like she was going to lick them right out of my mouth.  I laughed and said, “maybe she has been licking you at night and that was why you mouth tasted like her this morning”.  Blake asked if I thought she would really do something like that.  Then he decided to open his mouth for her and find out.  She did!  We laughed hysterically and I teased him relentlessly.  Even though she licked him neither of us felt like she was really that much of a threat.  I just enjoyed teasing him over the possibilities!

Later that night we were sleeping soundly and I awoke to Blake yelling “Babe she is licking in my mouth”!  I quickly turned to look at what was going on thinking he was just talking in his sleep (he does this very often and it is always something funny).  There in the moon light I saw Chloe standing right over his face.

Sorry honey no kisses for you until you brush you doggy breath!


2 Responses

  1. That is too funny!

  2. I am glad someone has thought so. I figured it has freaked everyone out since no one said they thought it was funny.

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