Chloe had surgery.

Chloe had her surgery yesterday.  She will never be able to have babies.  In other words she will remain our big baby forever and never have to grow up!  I felt bad when I left her at the Vet because she was so excited with all the other dogs there.  I don’t think she realized I was leaving her.  She was so out of it when I picked her up.  She was excited, I could tell by the wagging of her little nub.  (it is so cute when she does that)  I took her home and she laid on the bed with me all evening.  She just wanted me to be close.  The closer I was the better she rested.  She kept me up all night.  I could tell her medicine was wearing off because she kept getting up every hour or so.  But this morning she was feeling really good.  She even tried running a little.  The next few days will be hard to keep her from running and jumping.  I have a few pictures I took but Blake has my computer in Cincy with him this week so I will post them when he returns!


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