Chloe Update

So many people have been asking how Chloe is doing.  She wanted us to let everyone know how much she appreciates the concern!  She is doing well.  She spent the day after we let her get sick just mostly sleeping.  She just kind of hung her head most of the day and acted sad.  Then the next morning she was back to her old crazy self!  Since then she has just been a live-wire!  I wish I had a fraction of her energy.  She is also doing a little better with the water.  She actually stops when we say “that’s enough”.  We are just trying to make sure she gets more water through the day but in small amounts.  Her breed is prone to bloat so we do have to be careful of how quick she eats and drinks.  She is going to the vet next week to get fixed (like she is broken??) so I will address the issue then even though she seems better.  I still want to be careful! 

Chloe would also like me to let everyone in Ohio know that she is really excited for our upcoming trip!  She is getting bigger and faster and ready to chase some kids around!  (that means you Stephen and Katie)  She sends her thanks and puppy licks! 


One Response

  1. We’re glad your funny dog is good.

    We can’t wait to see you all.

    When does Chloe go to the vet? She might not be up to chasing the kids.

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