One Sick Puppy

Last night we found one of Chloe’s long lost tennis balls in the garage.  It was a nice evening so we thought we would take her out in the yard to play some fetch.  Were we wrong or what!  All she wanted to do was run around the yard and look for water.  She looked in all her usual spots, the empty food dish on the deck, the turned up edges of the grill cover, the empty flower pots, and the bucket under the water spicket.  She could have cared less about the ball.  I had just gave her a drink of water before we went outside.  She is like a crack-head!  We have started to get worried that her problem is more than just an obsessive compulsive disorder.  Maybe she is really dehydrated for some reason.  She gets plenty of water but she eats lots of raw-hide bones.  Maybe they are drying her out.  Or maybe she is sick?  We are hoping it is just a mental thing. 

We decided to tie her up on the deck and let her have all the water she wanted.  Once when Blake was a kid he ate tons of Nutter Butter cookies.  He got so sick from eating so many that to this day just the smell will turn his stomach.  So we decided to try the same thing with the water.  The last time we gave her a big bowl of water she drank it all at once and then we cleaned up pee the rest of the day.  So she was getting tied to the deck!  We filled up a big bowl and let her have it.  It was probably about a gallon of water.  She drank the whole thing with out ever coming up for air.  We just kept hearing her trying to breath while her nose was in the water.  Great I thought now she is going to drown herself.  After she finished that we gave her another half of a bowl.  She drank most of that down. 


After a while her skinny little belly was round and fat.  She had gotten sick just a little already.  She laid with Blake on the porch while he rubbed her belly.  She just started crying.  I felt so bad.  She was miserable.  Then here came all the water…and some food from breakfast.  I have never seen a dog throw up so much.  She remained sick the rest of the night and surprisingly did not have a single accident all night.  This morning she didn’t want to get out of bed.  Instead of walking her I just sat on the floor with her.  I didn’t want to have to leave her by herself all day.  She ate had some more water and I had to leave her.  She acted like she felt better.  I just hope we cured the water syndrome!  If not she has a vet appointment very soon! 


2 Responses

  1. “Once when Blake was a kid he ate tons of Nutter Butter cookies. He got so sick from eating so many that to this day just the smell will turn his stomach.”

    That made me laugh. Just because I did the same thing with Little Debbie Zebra cakes when I was younger. Only recently have I been able to enjoy them again.

    Hope Chloe settles down with the water…

  2. […] it turns warm and we can spend more time outside with her.  (By the way for anyone wondering, the water issue is getting much […]

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