Can we ground our dog?

So last night we took Chloe to the dog park again.  We were all so excited because we took her Saturday and had a great time!  Saturday she was the best dog we could ask for.  There were at least 20 dogs there and she wondered around sniffed them all politely and just had all around good manners.  She didn’t jump on anyone or embarrass us in anyway.  Trust me if you know our crazy dog you would have been surprised too!  We thought it was so great how she behaved so we took her back last night.

What a nightmare!  She was so bad the whole time.  We stood and watched a bunch of dogs running together and playing with a Frisbee.  We kept wondering why Chloe will not just play with the dogs and act normal.  Well by now you are wondering what could she have done that was just so bad?  Well she has this horrible obsession with water.  It doesn’t help that she is a hunting dog so she could smell the water that was on the other side of the 6 acre park.  She first found a bowl that was full of water and belonged to a boxer that was ready to have her for lunch for getting in his water bowl.  As he prepared to moll our baby his owner sat screaming into her cell phone.  She never even looked at what was taking place right at her feet.  So we saved her from that dog and decided to try to walk her on the back part of the park.  She quickly sniffed her way right to a dogie fountain.  What comes with the dogie fountain, only about 10 feet of mud!  She was content to stand in the middle of the mud and drink this muddy water.  So we looked really stupid as everyone kept walking by on the nice trail (their dogs never stopping) while we tried to get our dog out of the mud.  One girl was nice enough to tell us that some other dog rolled in it when she was there the day before.  So once we get her out of it she proceeds to sniff her way to any thing that just might or at one point did contain water.  So she runs off (way too fast for us to keep up) right to the water bowl of the boxer.  This time the boxer was not there to protect its bowl.  So she gets to drink it dry! 

Now I am sure everyone is thinking what the big deal is.  She is probably just thirsty!  WRONG!  She is crazy!  We give her plenty of water and she is still a freak about it.  She will drink every bit of water she can get her nose in.  We do not know what to do.  We have to discipline her for drinking water!  We are worried that she will find something to drink that will hurt her.  She found a bucket on day that had ammonia in it and just drank away.  We got lucky that it had rained in the bucket a few times so it was well diluted.  But it is like she has a one track mind!  We want her to have water when we give it to her only.  What can we do to stop her craziness?  HELP!  Please if anyone has any suggestions we would appreciate them.  In the mean time she is grounded from the dog park!


2 Responses

  1. That dog is funny! Then to Mommy…”Do we have a dog?”

  2. Katie I agree, our dog is funny! I think Katie is funny too! I can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

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