101 Reasons I Love My Husband

Take a look at this. I think Nancy Leigh DeMoss is a very wise woman and she has put out a step by step example of how to encourage our husbands.  I was wanting to start this section (101 Reasons I Love My Husband) today and then I found this challenge.  I thought they fit perfect together! 

I just wanted to take the time to congratulate Blake!  I am so proud of him.  Today he went to work and it has been just 2 weeks since his first day.  He has worked hard to meet his daily goals.  Today he was promoted!  He gets to move up to the coveted spraying job!  This might sound silly but right now he is aerating yards.  It is brut work!  And they only aerate every fall.  So this new position will be easier on him physically but a little more challenging mentally.  He does have to pass a state test before he can be certified to spray.  God has blessed him so much with this job.  It has been a perfect example of what can happen when you follow the Lord!


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  1. This is really neat! Even though Mr. “S” isn’t my hubby yet! I think I’m going to do this?!?!?! =)

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