House Color

Here are some of the colors we picked to choose from for our house.  We were in between the green and the orange, apparently Chloe is too!  We are leaning toward the green for the main rooms.  Still not sure what we are doing in the bedroom.  Any suggestions?


4 Responses

  1. Hey Erin… are you still coming the weekend after my birthday? Just wondering because I was trying to figure out when we could do our senior pictures.

  2. Yeah, I can do them that weekend or we can plan another. I know Jenny and Chelsea were going to have a birthday party for the girls that Saturday night so it may be making it a busy day. I need to know what you guys are wanting for your pictures! Let me know so we can plan better.

  3. Well, you might have already made your decision, I haven’t been on the computer much lately. But…I like the green. And green is supposed to be calming. Orange is supposed to make you hungry- that’s why fast food places have orangier colors in them (so I’ve heard.) Happy Painting!

  4. I think we will probably go with the green. I just really wanted to show everyone my color chioces and get some opinions. Reasons I hate living away from everyone!

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