As anyone who knows me well knows I am not a morning person!  I have never wanted to be a morning person.  So I have a new challenge; I now have the duty of taking Chloe on her morning walk.  Blake had been doing this for the past couple of months.  Now with the start of his new job the duty gets passed to me.

Chloe has so much energy that if she does not get her walks, she will go nuts.  You can not control her!  But with her walks she is the best dog in the world!  Before the regular walks we started to wonder what we were going to do with her.  Weimaraners are friendly, fearless, alert, obedient, happy, loving, attentive, assertive, bold, loyal, headstrong, rambunctious, and bouncy dogs.  They are extremely intelligent, but can be very opinionated and willful.  They are breed to hunt all day.  They will take the lead if you let them.  We were getting to the point were we just didn’t know how to stay calm when she would blast out of the door and run around the house like a nut.  She also has a water obsession.  She will drink all the water you give her.  We thought we would never get her house broke.  We would take her out and before we would make it all the way inside she would go again.  We realized she was getting way too much water!  We thought we would try puppy pads in her cage to help the problem, she only ate them after she peed on them.  Finally Blake started walking her daily, taking her out every few hours, and she became wonderful.  I could not ask for a better dog.  Also we have found that the more time we spend with her the better she is.  Weimaraners are cuddlers!  She is so happy to be right between us in the bed.  However she sleeps on the floor!  Or more recently under the bed (she will never learn she is getting too big, she gets stuck).  

So this morning I was up at 6:oo am to take her on her walk.  We walk about a mile.  This was a challenge but I know I had to do it for her!  But I feel really good today!  It was nice to spend the morning walking and praying.  After my prayer time I sang!  This might sound silly but I love to sing.  Now at 6am I don’t sound too good, but if you live were we do you can take advantage of the fact that no one will hear you, and sing!  It was just a nice time to spend with the Lord and praise Him!  Chloe seemed to enjoy it too!  She kept trying to jump up and give me kisses when I would sing.  I am sure I will feel tired early tonight but we are in need of going to bed early as Blake has to get up at 5:00.  Yuk!  We feel so old!  Last night we were just getting dinner and getting settled around 8:30 and bed time is now around 10:30.  That is still going to take some getting used to.  We both used to stay up really late.  Now we couldn’t if we tried.


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