Our House

Here are some pictures of our part of the house.  We haven’t gotten very much done yet but we are really just getting started.  I will try to post often whenever we make any noticable changes! 

backundone.jpg This was last fall.  It has a little better view of our porch.  Our bedroom is the window on the right side of the porch. 

 back.jpg This is what it looks like now.  Our yard is going to have shade most of the day.

back2.jpg Here is a little closer look.  The porch is serving as storage while we are still working on it.  Our main entrance is the double door in the middle.  To the left there is a door going into our mud room/laundry room.  (and Chloe playing with her new favorite toy)

doorway.jpg Here I am standing in the living room.  We are leaving these rooms open like studio space.  The left of the door is the dinning room, to the right is just an open entry space.

entry.jpg Here I am standing in the dinning room.  The doorway straight ahead goes into our laundry room and an office behind that.

dining.jpg Here I am standing in the entry way looking at the dinning room.  The doorway ahead is our bedroom.  The doorway to the left goes into the bathroom and closet. 

livingroom.jpg This looks into the living room, the other side of the wall is the kitchen.  The kitchen and living room will have 8ft. ceilings, the dinning room and entry will have 9ft.

living2.jpg This is the living room.

kitchen2.jpg This is the kitchen.

laundry.jpg This is the laundry room and office.  We have not built the wall between them yet.  The doorway to the right leads to future kids rooms.  (No I didn’t say near future.)

kidsrooms.jpgThis is the future kids rooms.  There will be a wall dividing this to make two rooms.

I hope everyone feels like they know a little more about where we live now!  Hopefully I will have some updated pictures to show soon!


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  1. […] (For those not familar with our situation this part is Blake’s parent’s and we have a walk out basement on the back of the house that is not done yet.  But Blake built the house so we are really proud […]

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