The Hole!


Blake and I watch The Dog Whisperer frequently and we often see dogs that have “phobias.”  Chloe, our 7 1/2 month old Weimaraner seems to have an intense fear/hatred for an uncovered air vent hole.  We are not certain what the cause of this is…but here lately we have caught her standing over and staring down this mysterious black pit very intensely.

We are currently debating on how to fix this problem.  After much discussion and brainstorming….we have decided to possibly put a cover on it ?


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know about covering the hole. You know dogs are very smart. Cloe may know something that you and Blake have not figured out yet. Like, Maybe the black hole could be a portal for alien communications. And Cloe intently staring could be telepathicly communicating with them. However, Ceasar would just say chhhhtttt, and possible tap her with his finger tips.

  2. Ya know MariAnn THATS what I was thinking. I mean; I have had a few “experiences”…like I get this “feeling” or “vibe”…I just didn’t want to say that, because I thought it might scare Erin.

  3. If there are any “aliens” it would be the one I am married too! And Blake that “feeling” or “vibe” you are having is just GAS!!!!

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